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10 Ways to Personalize a New Home

10 Ways to Personalize a New Home

10 ways to personalize a new home. When you first move into a new home, it’s natural to want to put your personal stamp on the space – after all, unless you’ve already built your dream home, chances are good. finishes, fixtures and paint colors were selected based on previous owners. taste. So where to start? Here are 10 projects big and small that will make you feel at home.

Paint the front door.

It’s much less committed than exterior paint and it’s more cost-effective. When choosing a paint color, consider whether you want to update your hardware — shiny new hardware can give your home a new look, and at the same time you can change locks (always a good idea when buying a home), so it’s a win-win outcome and good for all.

Hang personal photos.

Posting a few favorite photos on your wall is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a new place feel at home, so don’t procrastinate. If you’re worried about punching holes in the wall before knowing for sure where things will go, get some removable hanger strips to use instead of nails.

Replace the kitchen faucet.

If your kitchen faucet is getting better and better, consider replacing it with a new, sleek one. This simple change can have a big impact on the overall feel of your kitchen, but it costs relatively little. Just be sure to match it with existing hardware – or swap out hardware at the same time for a bigger change.

Paint one or two walls.

Choosing colors for your entire home can be a daunting prospect. Save yourself the trouble and just commit to painting an accent wall or two now. Using color on the walls will make your home feel closer to you and can help define the rest of your home’s color palette.

Buy fresh flowers.

A bouquet of fresh flowers, whether purchased at the grocery store or in your garden, can instantly make a room more welcoming. Take a single arrangement to the next level by plucking a few single flowers to display in vases around the house.

Spread a soft rug.

Even if you normally prefer bare floors, having at least one space with a foam rug running along the toe makes for an extremely comfortable home. If you want to keep a fluffy or fluffy rug clean, place it in a room away from the entrance and where there is a lot of traffic – a bedroom or living room is ideal. 

Clean from top to bottom.

Harness the power of scent by using scented natural products to freshen up your new home. It may sound a little strange, but when your house starts to smell familiar, you’ll feel more at home – so you can do what you can to speed up that process too!

Turn off fixed lights.

Replacing a stylish lamp you love with a boring or outdated lamp can make a room look brand new. And if there’s a space where a pendant light can be used where there isn’t, pay an electrician to install one – why live with the inconvenience when you can fix it? The cost is worth it if it makes your everyday life easier and more enjoyable for years to come.

Upgrade window treatments.

Whether you choose custom roman colors or textured bamboo, simple roller blinds or a layered look with curtains, the window treatment you love (and match) is a decorative detail. can make the space become more delicate. When choosing a window treatment, choose the same lining fabric on all windows for a consistent street look.

Improved bathroom details.

Can’t renovate the entire bathroom? That’s not to say you can’t refresh the tub with a few smaller swaps. Replace faucets, cabinet hardware, towel racks and lights 카지노사이트 , and replace old medicine cabinets with mirrors.